Inspiration and Motivation

Inspiration and Motivation by Mindi Henry

After 100Lb. weight-loss, I’m seeking like-minded health and fitness enthusiasts!

My story is like many others. I grew up in the 80s/early 90s and had access to unlimited processed foods and very little exercise to go with it. By the time I was in grade 11 I was slowly gaining weight and constantly comparing myself to my skinny friends! We would live the same lifestyle of unhealthy habits in our senior High School years and early adulthood, but I would be the only one to show the physical results of our poor choices. I would try many fad diets and only exercise when I felt horrible about my body. By the time I was 25 I weighed 250lbs and was in the absolute worst shape of my life....Just in time to get pregnant! My entire pregnancy was not what I had dreamed of! I developed high blood pressure and eventually preeclampsia which forced me to be induced 3.5 weeks early. Thank God my son was small but healthy!! I made a promise right in that moment that I would do everything it took to be the healthiest version of myself for my son and my future family!!! as soon as I got the go ahead from my doctor I began to walk/run for 30 minutes at a time. It only took a couple weeks before my blood pressure was back to normal and I started to lose weight. I was educating myself on healthy eating and would prepare daily delicious healthy meals and snacks for myself and my family. I signed up for my first 5Km race that year, and would finish in 42minutes! I was so proud of myself and continued to work on my running. After years of these new healthy habits, I had lost a total of 100 lbs! There were so many changes that I had to make! Still today, I make sure to move my body for a minimum of 30minutes every. single. day! If it’s not running or working out, I’m walking or stretching with some yoga. Mentally, I have a healthy mindset that isn’t obsessed with a number on the scale, a size of clothing, or a body type! I go by how I feel, and when I eat healthy and stay active daily...I feel like a million bucks!!

Skip to 2021, my Crazy8 family (love of my life and 6 kids) love to be active in all different ways. Our family is very athletic but I’m the only lover of running... although I enjoy the solo time anyways! My favourite running distance is 5-10km and I run this 3-5 times a week. My PBs are 5km-26min and 10Km-58min. I am an average paced runner... and I'm good with that!! I am not a lover of winter running but you do what you gotta do!!! I am so excited to say I have signed up for my first ever half-marathon this Spring!

I want to connect with other women and men that have this same mindset and can inspire and motivate this lifestyle! I hope I can be an example that a healthy life does take work and dedication, but IT’S SO WORTH IT!!